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The Black Color In Home Decorating

 The Black Color In Home Decorating

Black is not considered a color, but a helping shade, or a neutral.  It can look amazing with brighter colors to make them stand out.  Black does not reflect light, and can be used to visually hide objects or highlight decor elements. 

This color is sophisticated and grand.  Black, red and white combination is used in Japan and is a famous combination in home decor.  Black kitchen appliances will blend into a kitchen that has other pop colors.  Black furniture is very popular in modern decorating - it looks minimal, because black hides all the details of the furniture.  This furniture will create a wonderful contemporary look when combined with bright colors of accessories. 

For a small room like the bathroom, black can add a much needed pattern when combined with white and another bright color, like pink or turquoise.  For a high traffic floor in the kitchen, use black and another color tiles to hide the dirt. 

Black is rarely used by itself, because it’s so dark and can make a space look tiny.  It’s intimidating in large amounts, but works well in accessories. 

The words that are associated with black are: mysterious, powerful, cold, dark, enclosing, neutral, scary, dramatic, dead, stunning.

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