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The Red Color In Home Decorating

 The Red Color In Home Decorating

Red is a contemporary color.  It is powerful and passionate.  Red is now making its reentrance into home decorating and is popular for living room accessories.  It makes a bold statement and is never boring. 

This color is positive.  Red accessories feel luxurious and rich.  A red couch or pillows will flatter the appearance of a person, because it goes well with skin tones.  This color is for extraverts, and to show a bit of your outgoing personality use accents of red throughout the house.  

Red is not often used as the main color for decorating.  In large dozes, it’s overbearing and too strong.  But when used in accents, it’s romantic, passionate and stimulating.  This color is ideal for bedroom accessories.  You can use touches of red in curtains, linens, picture frames and flowers to make your bedroom a lovely space. 

Courage is defined by red.  If you are an athletic person, this color is perfect for you.  Red outlines a strong personality.  Put touches of red in your living room so that your guests can fell that they are in good hands. 

Some words that are associated with red are: power, danger, strength, anger, hyperactivity, hot, love, rich, romance, passion, brave, luxurious, bold, athletic.

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