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The Yellow Color In Home Decorating

 The Yellow Color In Home Decorating

Yellow is a great color to use in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or dining room.  It’s a popular color in interior decorating because of the cheery, happy feeling yellow gives off.  You can use yellow or yellow accents anywhere in the house to uplift the mood of your home. 

This color does not have to be used necessarily in its purest form.  You can use light yellow in combination with greens, blues and whites for a nice country style look.  Or use rich gold in combination with browns, oranges and reds for a warm, cozy atmosphere.   

Light yellow is also great for accents in the baby's room.  If it’s a girl, combine light yellow with pinks.  For a boy combine light yellow with blues.  This color is also suitable for a teen's room, because it has memory enhancing qualities and is good for doing homework and studying. 

Touches of bright yellow can be useful in an office, in a meeting room.  Bright yellow is a positive color, that's friendly and welcoming. 

Yellow works amazing for accessories, because your eye goes to yellow immediately.  To make a statement and create a focal point, add a yellow vase, candle collection or curtains to your decor. 

Try to not overuse yellow.  When there is too much yellow in one room, one can become irritated.  It can simply be too bright.  Mix yellow with other colors to create a smooth, eye pleasing palette. 

The words that can be associated with yellow are: hope, light, inspiration, positive, happy, rich, welcome, irritable, wise, communication, caution.

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