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The Orange Color In Home Decorating

 The Orange Color In Home Decorating

Orange is a social color and is great for accents in living rooms or dining rooms.  This color reduces depression and improves bad mood.  It welcomes people into your house.  The gathering of people in the room with orange accessories will subconsciously improve their relations.   

To bring cheer, warmth and energy, orange is widely used in care facilities.  It is also used in kindergartens because of its happy mood. 

Orange does not have to be used in its pure form.  To add a cheerful touch to any room, use peach or pale orange.  Even a little bit of orange will uplift the mood of the place. 

Some popular color combinations in modern interior decorating are orange and pink, orange and white, orange and turquoise, and orange and red.  You can add these combinations to linens, flower arrangements, tabletop decor or mix these colors within decorating accessories. 

Words that are associated with orange are: activity, happy, social, joy, pleasing, bold, cheery, lively, social, welcome, spontaneous.

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