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The Blue Color In Home Decorating

 The Blue Color In Home Decorating

Blue, like the green color is found throughout nature.  It is a primary color and can be easily mixed with other colors.   

Blue and white is a timeless combination, and is still popular for china.  You can use white and blue to create a beach inspired theme.  It’s easy to create a tropical environment in the bathroom by combining green, blue and yellow.   

Popular for the kids’ rooms are combinations of light blue, green and white; light blue, pink and white.  Blue color gives the room peace and tranquility.  Public interiors are often tinted with blues, because of this color's formal, balancing appearance. 

If you are looking to create an easy combination with blue, use different shades and tints of blues together.  Add some white into the blues for an airy look.  Blue is ideal for bathrooms because of the airy, fresh feeling it gives the interior. 

Words that can be associated with blue are:  airy, fresh, formal, peaceful, relaxing, cool, serene, conservative, balance, heavenly, masculine, wellness.

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