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The White Color In Home Decorating

 The White Color In Home Decorating

White is the most used color out of all colors.  We call it color, but in reality it’s a neutral.  Because most things go with white, this color is widely used for kitchens and bathrooms, and ceilings and appliances. 

To make any space look bigger, white is applied to the ceilings.  It gives an impression of having no ceiling at all.  White reflects light and gives the illusion of wider, taller space.  If you have a tiny room like the bathroom, paint it white to make it appear bigger and add colorful accessories. 

White looks pure and makes us feel like we are in clean surroundings.  For both kitchen and bathroom - two rooms that get dirty quickly, white helps to see dirt so that you can clean it when you see it. 

When paired up with black, white is priceless.  That's a great modern combination.  There are amazing selections of white and black tiles, wallpaper and kitchen accessories on the market.  White looks great with other colors also, like white and blue.  White and blue classical china never goes out of style. 

White is a cool color and is perfect for hot temperatures.  It’s refreshing in tropical climates and makes you feel several degrees cooler. 

When you are not sure what colors to use for your home decorating, start with white.  Then gradually add combinations of colors that you like.  You can start with white ceiling and walls, and add colorful furniture and accessories.   

To make the curves and shapes of furniture and accessories your main focus, use white as your background.  This kind of color use is ideal for the Art Nouveau decorating style. 

White has a lot of meanings that people refer to.  Some of the words to describe white are: reflective, open, pure, clean, safe, innocent, ideal, cool, expansive, refreshing, hopeful and simple.

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