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How To Change The Shape Of The Room Through Color

 How To Change The Shape Of The Room Through Color

Light colors make the room appear bigger.  If your room is small or devoid of natural light, make it a light color.  This will instantly give the room extra space. 

If your ceiling is too tall and you want to lower it, paint the ceiling a dark color.  Use the same method to make a tall and thin room shorter.  For a room that's really small with a hopelessly tall ceiling, paint the ceiling a dark color, then paint one of the walls in the room the same color.  Combine the dark ceiling, one dark wall with dark floor to bring the ceiling and the floor visually closer together.  This will balance out the space and make it cozier.  Just don't make the colors too dark, because then this room can feel too small and confined. 

For a room that's small and wide, use dark warm colors for the side walls, which are the smaller walls.  Combine this with a cool colored end wall, which is the widest wall.  The effect will be a room that looks deeper and narrower.  Use accessories to balance out a room with this color combination.  Hang light color pictures on the dark wall and pictures with dark colors on the light walls. 

Dark colors always make the space smaller, while light colors add space to the room.  If you want to widen a room, paint the walls that you want to widen in light colors.  To do the opposite and shorten a room, paint the walls that you want to visually bring closer together dark colors. 

Patterns will also influence how big or small your room appears to be.  Patterns that are horizontal will make the room look long.  If this horizontal pattern is light, the room will look spacious.  Vertical patterns make the room look taller and are great for a short ceiling.  Combine a vertical pattern on the walls with a light ceiling for a tall and more spacious room. 

The pattern of the floor has the same widening or shortening effect.  A pattern laid on the diagonal will make the floor space appear larger.  This is mostly done with tiles and carpet.  A dark floor will make the room seem a bit smaller.  To inexpensively fix this problem, purchase a large light colored area rug and cover the dark floor with it.   

Furniture can play a big part in making your room bigger or smaller.  To visually balance the room out, use the colors you picked for the walls, ceilings and floors for the furniture and accessories.  For example, if one wall is brown and another one is beige, hang a beige picture frame on the brown wall and put a brown piece of furniture by the beige wall.   

We already know that light colors add space and dark colors take away from the space.  It’s also important whether your light and dark colors are warm or cool in tone.  If the room has a lot of natural light, use cool shades to make it appear less hot and to tone down the light.  For a room that's naturally dark, use warm shades of colors to make it warmer and to welcome light. 

Before making major color changes for the room, test the colors out by painting a poster board with it.  Put the poster against the wall and move back some distance to see if you like the color.  This way you can see approximately how the color will look and will save yourself a repainting job.

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