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Helpful Tips For Decorating With Color

 Helpful Tips For Decorating With Color

There are many ways to pick colors for a room.  Home improvement stores have small paint swatches that you can look through.  If you have an item with the color that you want the paint to be, the store will make this color of paint for you if they do not have this exact hue.  The thing you have to consider is that when the paint dries, the color will become several shades darker than it is on the swatch. 

When you have selected your accent and accessories colors, use them more than once throughout the room.  This will make the room look consistent.  If there is a color that you want to use on its own, make the object with this color a focal point of the room. 

If you chose two colors to paint the wall in, use the lighter color on top closer to the ceiling and darker color on the bottom closer to the floor.  This will ground the area.  Repeat the main color throughout the room for a balanced look.  For example, if your walls are white, make some of the furniture white also.   

The color of your floor can shrink the room or open it up.  Light color floor will make the room feel bigger, while dark color floor will make the room appear smaller. 

When you don't know where to start, choose one main color for the room.  Use this color throughout in different shades and tints, then add accessories in different colors.  Adding textures and patterns will give the room more interest.   

Cool colors look great in rooms with a lot of natural light.  They diffuse the light throughout the room.  Warm colors work well in colder climates and interiors with limited lighting.  Use them to warm up the space and make it cozier. 

Adding patterns to the room will make the space more interesting.  Repeat patterns throughout the room for a complete look.  For example, make hand towels in the kitchen the same fabric as curtains.  When you are using more than one pattern in one room, make the patterns have something in common with each other, like a design element or colors.  This will unify the patterns into a complete look. 

To make the room balanced and pleasing to the eye, spread the colors evenly throughout the room.  Don't group the same color in one area, spread it around.  Scale also plays a big role when it comes to color choices.  Dark colors make objects look smaller, while light colors make things look bigger.  A small navy picture frame might look fantastic with the color of the wall that you chose, but a navy wall might make a room look small and claustrophobic.

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