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Planning Out The Lighting

 Planning Out The Lighting

Lighting is an important element of decorating a home.  When the lighting is minimal and dim, the room can look boring and unwelcoming.  Consider using at least five light sources per room in different areas of the room.  This will ensure a welcoming, pleasant interior. 

When lighting up a special art piece, do not make the light too bright.  If the light is too bright and too close to the object, the object will get drowned by the light.  Leave some space between your accessories and the light. 

Accent lights not only illuminate the special objects, but help light up the room as well.  There are some questions you might want to ask yourself before installing the lighting:  What accessories do you want to highlight in the room?  What mood do you want to set for the room?  In what areas of the room do you need the most lighting? 

For a unique home decor, try to make the heights of light sources be on different levels.  Its more interesting this way.  Light on different height levels will create multi level lighting and add depth. 

Define all your lighting by the tasks you need the light to perform.  For general light, hang a chandelier.  For reading purchase a desk lamp.  To highlight an art piece, install track lights.  Adding dimmers will give your lighting more flexibility.  Let the room have different intensities of light for more comfort and interest. 

Dark colors make the room look smaller and darker.  In this kind of room you need to install maximum amount of light.  The opposite happens in the room with mostly light colors.  You can have less light sources here. 

If you are not sure how to gather together a group of lighting installations, there are set collections of lighting sold on the market.  These will include different light sources in the same design, like a chandelier, sconces, pendants and table lamps.  Purchasing a lighting collection will save time looking for pieces to fit in one room and will create a harmonious look for your home.

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