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How To Decorate Your Walls On A Budget

 How To Decorate Your Walls On A Budget
To quickly decorate your walls you can hang stuff up that you already have.  You can arrange the precious things you already own.  Here are some things that you might want to consider:
  •      Pick up a bunch of picture frames from a yard sale and frame scraps of pretty fabrics.
  •      Print out black and white family photos and frame them in small black frames of different sizes.
  •      For the bedroom, put pretty quilts or shawls into frames and hang them above the bed.
  •      For the living room or the dressing room, hang up decorative hats or straw hats.
  •      Pick up some pretty pieces of wood planks and hang them as candle holders.
  •      Hang up decorative plates you might have in your home.
  •      Take pieces of wood or some kind of flat material and stencil beautiful words on it, like live, love, laugh, family, etc.
  •      Hang up sport trophies or tools.
  •      Hang up baskets on the wall or the ceiling in a nice arrangement.
  •      Frame and hang up photos of nature from gardening magazines.
  •      Make a picture out of dry flowers and frame it in a special frame.
  •      Frame and hang any special item, like a Chinese fan.
  •      Arrange and glue down seed packets onto a picture frame.  This can look wonderful for an empty wall in the kitchen.

 If you don't have anything in your house that you want to display on the wall, use antique shops, flea markets and dollar stores as your resources.  You might find things there for a dollar or two that are just as beautiful as accessories in the more expensive stores. 

For a large empty wall, group a few items together.  To learn how to arrange items on the wall, click here.  You can make the arrangement more interesting by adding a special contrasting item to the group.  For example, if all of your picture frames are square, add one round frame in the middle of the arrangement. 

Be creative and have fun with this decorating project.  Hang accessories that you might really enjoy looking at.  This way every room in your house will be pleasant and unique.

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