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Tips On Accessorizing Your Home

 Tips On Accessorizing Your Home

Accessorizing your home will add a special personal touch to the interior.  With just a few inexpensive purchases and changes your home can look brand new. 

First thing to do to refreshen your interior is to decide on the style or a theme you want to have.  Some of the styles you can choose form are country, contemporary, western, Asian or Art Nouveau.  Click here to learn more about these decorating styles and how you can add elements of each style to your home decorating.  Buy accessories to go with the style you chose for each room.  Make all the objects go with each other and have something in common, like colors, textures or patterns. 

Adding extra lighting can dramatically change the way a room looks.  Put spot lights above your favorite art pieces.  Pick lighting that goes with the theme of your home or a particular room you are redecorating.  New or additional lighting can enhance that one great focal point in the room.  You can redecorate old lighting by adding trims, beads, tassels or appliques to it.  Also, try wrapping trims and fancy fabric around a special lamp to give it a makeover.  

An entry way shows what to expect out of the rest of the house.  Make this small space as special as possible.  Hang pictures that are very dear to you.  Put some unforgettable, unique accessories on the side table.  To welcome guests into your home, have some chocolates or flowers with great aroma on the side table. 

To add something special to the bathroom, make arrangements of decorative soaps or bubble baths.  You can put those arrangements in glass or porcelain dishes and lay them out on bathroom counters. 

Kitchen can be simply rearranged to change its look.  Add wire racks to the ceiling to hang beautiful pots and pans.  Hang plants from the ceiling to add to this look.  Put some plants on the window sill as well.  Some appliances can look great when they are displayed on the countertop.  A large bowl of fruits can look very appetizing on the table.  Purchase new curtains and kitchen towels to match your kitchen decor. 

Hang all the pictures at eye level, so that they can be properly seen.  When a picture hangs too high or too low, it's barely noticeable.  Try rehanging your art and photos in a different arrangement.  For help on how to arrange pictures on a wall in a unique way click here. 

Shelves and bookcases should be uncluttered and neatly arranged.  This way they will be a pleasure to look at.  To change things around and give the shelves a new look, try rearranging the books by varying their heights.  Varying the shelf spacing vertically can be interesting.  Don't cram too many books on one shelf, let them lay freely.  You can put interesting accessories in between the books, like vases, small statues and candles.  Some shelves can hold small pictures, trophies or other decorating elements.  If there is space on top of the bookshelf, decorate it with plants, fancy bowls or vases. 

A cheap way to redecorate a room is to simply rearrange some things.  If you have a cluttered table top, rearrange the items on it going from big to small.  Group things that have something in common, and have one special item that you love on each table.  Click here to read more about arranging items on the table in a neat, eye pleasing way. 

Mirrors can greatly expand a space.  Try hanging a large mirror in a small room, like the entry way to visually expand it.  A mirror can also serve as a head board for the bed or replace one of the art pieces in the living room.  If you have an empty wall and don't know what to hang there, hang a decorative mirror in a beautiful frame. 

Area rugs can add a much needed color or texture to the room.  Match the rug to your decor style for a complete look.  Some stores sell sets of curtains and rugs, so that you don't have to look for two matching pieces on your own. 

Decorative pillows can also add some colors, patterns and textures.  Use different size pillows for the bedroom and some small decorative pillows for the living room sofa.  Pillows add the feeling of comfort and relaxation.  Select pillows of different colors and patterns for one room to add interest.  Or click here to learn how to make your own decorative pillows.  

Decorate your home in all the things you love.  Just a few special touches can make all the difference.  Try to match your decorating accessories with the style of decor you have.  And try to have at least one accessory you love in every room of your house.

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