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10 Tips For Redecorating A Room On A Budget

 10 Tips For Redecorating A Room On A Budget

You do not have to spend a lot of money on redecorating a room.  The key is purchasing the items that will make all the difference.  Here are some tips for redecorating on a budget. 

1.  If you had the same furniture arrangement for some time, try rearranging the furniture.  Moving some pieces around can give you the extra space you need and help refreshen the old look of the house.   

2.  Taking some furniture out or bringing new pieces in will not cost anything and can often help refreshen a room.  If your space feels too crowded, take some furniture out and rearrange the rest of the furniture.  If you feel that there is something missing from the room, add a piece of furniture from another room.  This can make all the difference between an old stuffy space and a unique, comfortable interior. 

3.  Repainting a room is every decorator's easy trick.  It’s very affordable and can change the entire look of the room.  To save even more, do the painting yourself.  Click on tips for painting to make your painting job easier and free of mistakes. 

4.  Try changing your lighting to refreshen the look of the room.  You can try to just move some lights around to see how much difference it makes, or purchase new inexpensive lights.  Sometimes you can get a bargain in antique stores and flea markets and purchase exquisite lighting for little money. 

5.  To cover up older, worn furniture, cover it with a beautiful blanket or a throw.  This will add extra colors and patterns to the room, and refreshen old furniture. 

6.  Adding curtains also adds colors and patterns.  If you have curtains, change them into ones that go with your room's decor and the current season.  Hanging new curtains for every season will add festivity and decoration to the room. 

7.  Another way to add extra colors and patterns is adding tablecloths to the tables.  Decorate by putting a small table cover under a vase or a lamp on the night stand.  Add a small table cover to the coffee table for a new look.  Also, add tablecloths for holiday decorating. 

8.  Purchasing an area rug can cover a worn floor or an empty floor space.  Try laying out the rug on different angles to add interest to the room.  You can even buy a set of few different small area rugs to create a unique pattern on the floor. 

9.  Hang or arrange plants in the room.  Plants add a sense of nature and tranquility.  It’s also a great decorating element. 

10.  Cover up empty wall space.  Decorate your walls with photos or art.  Arrange a group of pictures if you have a lot of wall space.  Or make your own wall art, like a handmade fabric mural or a decorated picture frame.

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