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Window Curtains On A Budget

 Window Curtains On A Budget

Here are a few tips on how to decorate your windows on a budget.  Curtains can be very expensive, especially if you want to add details to them, like tassels, linings or tiebacks.  Read about saving money and still having the best window decor for any room in your house. 

Sometimes it’s worth choosing cheaper fabrics.  There are imitation fabrics that look like real silk or tapestry that are much less expensive.  You can buy more of the cheaper fabric and make your curtains look luxuriously fuller. 

If you don't want to hide the view and just want to dress up the window, buy just enough fabric to cover the sides of the window.  It can be two simple strips of fabric to hang on the sides of the window, that won't cover the whole window.  Buy simple inexpensive blinds to cover the rest of the window for when you need more privacy. 

To add decorating elements to a simple roman shade, hang a valence.  The top strip of fabric can look very elegant without costing too much.  You can also hang two matching strips of fabric at the sides of the window. 

Buying drapery online can save money as well.  You can research the styles and prices and find the least costly solution.  Online stores will generally have bigger discounts.  Just find out if you have to pay for shipping. 

Instead of having curtains made, purchase them in a set.  This will cut the cost by at least half.  The variety in textures and patterns for standard window curtains is amazing.  You can always hem down the standard sizes curtains for kitchen or bathroom windows. 

If your windows are not standard size, look for sales on custom made drapery.  Some of the stores will give discounts for custom curtains if you buy more than one. 

Sometimes it is the cheapest solution to make your own curtains.  If you have a sewing machine, curtains are one of the easiest things to make.  Measure your windows and allow extra space on the sides and the bottom for the curtain to flow freely.  For some, this is the best way to decorate windows. 

Adding decorating elements to the curtains you bought can look unique and refreshing.  Buy cheaper curtains and add trimming, beads, fringes, tassels, bows, ties or appliques to them.  This way you get the expensive look without paying the price. 

Decorating your windows on a budget is easy, because you have so many choices.  Select which option of saving money and decorating is right for you.

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