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Ideas For Unique Wall Decorating

 Ideas For Unique Wall Decorating

One of the popular wall decorating ideas is faux painting.  It’s relatively easy and inexpensive.  If you don't yet have art on the walls, this is a way to go.  Read here on different faux paint finishes that you can achieve. 

Wallpaper murals are another popular decorating technique.  It’s a nice way to add a view to an empty wall.  Some of them are removable, so that you can have them for a season and change when you are tired of the mural.  These are ideal for kids’ rooms, because they are entertaining and fun.  You can also make a fabric mural on your own.  Click here for instructions. 

Hanging a tapestry is a nice way to add traditional style decorating to your home.  Tapestries are usually colorful and will add some scenery to a room.  Frame a tapestry into a golden frame and it will make a great addition to Victorian style decor. 

Paintings are also great for any empty wall.  Pick ones that match your style of decor.  Flea markets might offer cheap paintings that are actually very lovely. 

If you have a collection of pottery, photos or candles that you want to display on the wall, get small decorative shelves.  Many stores offer shelves to fit any style of a room.  This way you can display your favorite decorating accessories and have the shelves match your decor.  You can arrange a group of shelves to be hung, so that they make a nice composition. 

Decorative plates are another way to decorate empty walls.  They could look fabulous in the living room or the dining room, but in the kitchen they fit right in.  Pretty plates display can really set the mood for a nice dinner.  I would invest in a display rack or plate hangers to make sure your pretty plates stay sturdy on the wall. 

Arranging a group of your favorite photos can transform your wall into a mini family gallery.  Just print out some photos, pick frames that go together and hang up your arrangement.  For help on how to arrange the pictures on the wall click here. 

If you have collectibles or items from your hobby, hang them up.  If you are a musician, hang up your instruments.  If you are into home improvement, hang up your favorite tools in a nice arrangement.  If you collect rare dolls, hang up shelves to display your beauties. 

Candles are the easiest decoration you can pick.  If you can think of nothing else, just purchase a group of decorative candles and hang a pretty shelf to display them.  Candles are great in creating romance.  They smell good and will always be useful if the power goes out. 

Whether you select shelves, decorative plates, paintings or wallpaper murals to decorate your walls, just don't let there be an ugly empty wall.  Some of these decorating ideas can take only five minutes to accomplish, but will put a smile on your face every time you pass by.

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