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Arranging And Decorating a Bookshelf

 Arranging And Decorating a Bookshelf

Just stuffing books onto a shelf can be boring and unpleasant to look at.  A bookshelf can be a place to display not just books, but some other decorating accessories that you love.  Try some of these tips to help transform your shelves. 

Try not stuffing the whole shelf with books, but leaving some space in between.  The spaces will give your eyes a chance to rest and will allow the eyes to take in the beautiful display.  These spaces can be used to put decorating accessories.   

If there are too many books on one shelf, take some of them off.  It might be worth it to add an extra shelf instead of cramming all the books onto one.  If the shelf is almost empty, add accessories. 

Place some of the books standing up and some laying down for more interest.  On one shelf you can have such an arrangement as standing books, a candle or another accessory, laying down books, another accessory, standing books.  Alternate the horizontal and vertical positioning of the books.  This alone will add a much needed interest to a boring shelf. 

Make each shelf be unique.  If the books on the first shelf are arranged horizontally, put them up vertically on the second shelf.  Arrange your accessories in different places on different shelves.  You don't have to repeat your accessories on every shelf.  If one shelf has pictures and books, put candles and books on the second shelf. 

Use such decorating items as fabrics and trays.  You can put a group of books on a decorative tray for a more eye pleasing display.  Fabrics, like lace or embroidered napkin can slightly hang off the shelf, adding colors and patterns to the arrangement. 

Some of the accessories that can decorate your bookshelves are: candles, small pictures, flowers, vases, plants, small statues, trophies, decorative boxes, knickknacks, lamps, decorative china, fabrics, trays, office supplies, pencils in a cup, and anything else that makes you happy when you look at it. 

Spend at least ten minutes on rearranging a shelf.  Try different things to see how you like it.  Be creative with this project.  You might consider putting a decorating accessory on top of books.  Or make an arrangement that goes: book, candle, book, candle.  Try everything.  That's the only way to turn this boring bookshelf into a unique display.

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