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How To Decorate With Decorative Plates

 How To Decorate With Decorative Plates

Using plates to decorate your house is becoming more popular.  It can save you money, add beauty to an empty wall and allow you to enjoy your hidden until now treasures. 

For a big empty wall, try making a decorative plate arrangement.  This will work especially well if your plates have one theme.  You can have a group of plates in a circle or in miscellaneous placement.  For help arranging plates on a wall, click here.  Add other elements, like small pictures and candles into your arrangement.  Use plate hangers or display shelves to hang the plates up. 

Some great plates can be found in discount stores, flea markets and antique stores.  These plates don't have to be expensive to display.  If you like the pattern and it goes with your decor, that's all that you need.   

Decorative plates don't have to stay in your kitchen.  Hang some up in the dining room to enhance the appetite.  Put pretty plates with scenes or flowers above the bed in the bedroom.  Make a wall arrangement out of plates in the hallway.  Hang plates containing shells or leaves in the bathroom.  Pick some ornate plates, cut out family photos in a circle and glue them to the center of the plates.  For framing your memories project, click here. 

Plates can be hung or displayed in other ways.  You can use a pretty plate as a candle holder.  Put decorative plates into the dining room cabinet.  For the bathroom, a plate can be a soap dish or serve as a container for bathroom accessories.  Use pretty cups and trays in the same way.  A beautiful cup can be a flower pot, a pencil holder, a candle holder, or a hair accessories container.

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