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Making Wall Decor Out Of Anything

 Making Wall Decor Out Of Anything

You can frame just about anything.  Maybe there are things that you love laying around the house that you can use as your wall decor.  Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity. 

Some beautiful things that you might want to hang up can be bought in antique stores, flea markets and dollar stores.  Items that you hang do not have to be just pictures.  You might find a group of collectible items that you can arrange on your walls.  For help arranging items on the walls, click here.  Those can be old postcards, posters, tools, or utensils. 

If you know how to quilt or sew, you can make a beautiful fabric quilt and frame it.  Your quilt can include family photos glued to it.  Or just add some trims, buttons, bows, or beads for a fancier look. 

Catalogs can offer some great photography that you can cut out and frame.  Try to look through your favorite magazines.  Pictures of nature, plants and gardens, tools or anything that you love can make a nice wall decor collection.  Old calendar pictures and post cards can also make a nice wall arrangement. 

Anything you love can be framed.  What are your hobbies or favorite things to look at?  Frame magazine covers, beautiful fabrics, your kid's drawings, CD covers, dry flower bouquets, tools, make a collage with old family photos, puzzles, movie tickets. 

Inexpensive picture frames can be bought anywhere.  You can renovate them by just repainting them.  For a fancier look, try faux or decorative painting techniques.  Add something special to old frames, like glue dry flowers to them, add ribbons or trims or paint some simple pattern onto the frame, like stripes or circles.  It can also be dry flowers, leaves, seashells, bottle caps, or pasta.  Use glue gun for anything you want to add to the frame. 

Try making your own picture frame.  All you need is four of anything.  Glue together four pens in a square shape.  Pick up four twigs and glue those together.  You can paint them to match your home decor.  Make a wire hook at the back to hang the picture or take off the top of a hanger and attach to the back of the frame.  Glue your picture directly to the back of this frame or mount it first to a piece of cardboard, then attach the cardboard to the back of the frame. 

Use anything that comes into your head for wall decor.  Whatever you pick, make sure you like looking at it.  These decorating ideas can be very inexpensive, but fun and unique.  Use your creativity and have fun.

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