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Liven Up Your Interior WIth Bright Colors

 Liven Up Your Interior WIth Bright Colors

Winter and fall are the perfect seasons to change your decor for a better mood.  These are times of year when it’s even necessary to make interior brighter and happier.  Outside is going to get only grayer, but inside you have a space full of joy.

Here are some suggestions:

1 - Create focal points of the interior in surprising places, like window trims or door jambs.  Paint them in bright colors, decorate with borders.  Those areas are small enough to test the brightness of a color or intensity of a pattern, without going overdoing it. 

2 - You can arrange small bright photographs or pictures above the door for a small, but prominent accent. Or get creative and compose a dry flower picture with a frame yourself.  Just glue a small dry flower bouquet to an existing frame, and you have a brand new, unique decorating item.  Space above the door can also be used to display a vivid open shelf with books, pictures or collectibles.

3 - To add brightness and warmth to the room, add different colors of lights.  Green, yellow or peach light bulbs can be a great match to a similar color lamp shade and also add the necessary warmth to the place during cold winter season.

4 - Heavy bright or patterned window curtains would change the look of any interior.  Make them the size of half the wall or the whole wall, and let them hang down to the floor for maximum effect.

5 - Organize your own photo gallery on one of the walls.  Make the frames stand out by painting them different colors.  You can even throw a few gold or silver ones into the mix of the collage.

6 - A correctly chosen floor rug will beautify the place.  In this case, the floor can serve as either one of the decorating elements, or be the main focal point of decor.  You can always purchase the rug and then if its too bright for you or just too strong of an element for your room, return it.

how to decorate a shelf7 - To liven up a room without any grand changes, use decorative pillows.  Pillows are a great way to add pattern and extra lively color to any bedroom or living room.  Match the colors on the pillows to the existing colors of the room to create design flow.

8 - Bathroom is a great room for experimentation.  Its big enough to get creative, but not too big so that you have to buy a lot of expensive furniture or accessories.  Select a bright colored bathroom ensemble, consisting of rugs, shower curtain, and above the sink necessities.  Bright colors in the bathroom can be just what the doctor ordered to wake you up on a gray winter morning.

9 - Kids room is the best place to go crazy with bright colors if you don't like them for your own space.  White ceiling can be painted to look like clouds and stars in the sky.  You can hang threads with clouds and stars cut out of cardboard.  Make small fun fabric pockets on the curtains for all of your kids' treasures.  Hang up a gallery of children's drawings in bright colored frames.  Purchase inexpensive storage boxes and cover them with fun wrapping paper for storing toys.  Decorative borders can be added to the top where the ceiling line is, or arrange them at the bottom by the floor trim.

10 - Keep your old accent furniture.  You can pick one piece of furniture, let’s say an old coffee table to serve as a focal point of the living room.  Paint it a surprising color, like red or gold, and you have a unique decor item.

If you like these decorating suggestions and need someone to help you redecorate your walls, ceilings or furniture, please go to our home page and call to schedule an appointment.  Our staff of interior designers will help you bring your decor ideas to life.

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