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Wall Decor Ideas

 Wall Decor Ideas

Do you have an empty wall that you are tired of looking at?  Need ideas on how you can decorate your walls? Here are a few suggestions on how you can decorate your flat surfaces on your own and with help.

1 - Magnetic board collage. Take a small sheet of metal and attach it to the wall.  You can glue it to the wall, but a better idea is to screw or nail it to the wall.  Take your pictures, to do lists, inspiration from magazines or photos and attached them to the metal with magnets.  There are different kinds of beautiful magnets that can be purchased even in the dollar stores.  Or use magnets that you got as souvenirs or from places where you went on vacations.  Those magnets will fill this collage with special memories.

There is also magnetic paint that you can use for this purpose.  Just select an area on your wall that you want to paint.  Use masking tape to mask out this section.  Paint the area with magnetic paint, let it dry, and using different magnets attach your favorite pictures to this area.  Magnetic paint can also make a great display and a learning center for your kids' abc magnets.

2 - Photo images collage.  This idea has no boundaries.  You can take pictures of your favorite flowers, vacation pictures, pictures out of magazines, special moments like weddings or birthdays.  Take existing pictures from your photo album, or make plans to go to a botanical garden this Saturday with your camera. 

For this collage its better if all the images have some kind of theme in common. If for example, you have pictures of different flowers in close-up view, you can arrange them by color and create a collage that is in itself is a flower.  For example, place a picture of a yellow flower in the center of the wall, then surround this picture with pictures of red flowers.  For extra fun, cut out all the pictures in shapes, like squares circles or lines.

decorative stencil3 - Stencil it.  You can purchase simple stencils in shapes of leaves, fruits, animals, flowers and of almost any shape in art stores or crafts stores. It can even be as simple as circles.  If you feel particularly creative that day, try to make a stencil yourself.  Browse the internet for a simple picture that you like, print it out and cut it out of paper.  Put the paper against the wall, trace the picture and paint it.

If you just want to make this as simple and fun as possible, start with stenciling your bathroom wall with different size circles, then paint these circles with oil-based paint.  These can be circles of slightly different shades of blue on a white wall, or vice versa.  Add a hint of glitter paint lines to the shape to make it look like bubbles.

4 - Make a floral arrangement on a wall.  Take small pots of different color live flowers and purchase interesting hangers for the pots.  You can take two different approaches to this: either the pots themselves can be different bright colors and arranged in an interesting way, or all same color pots and different colors of flowers.

This can get very creative, especially for a person who likes gardening.  The arrangement of pots on the walls can be circular, or in a grid, or each hanging plant can be framed in a simple frame.  For this it’s better to get a picture frame that is bigger than the flower and the hanger combined, mount the frame to the wall first, then hang the flower pot centered in the frame.  Neat arrangement, yet so simple!

If you have a wall decorating idea that you need help with, or you would like for someone to execute it for you, please visit our home page.  Call us to schedule an appointment and the help will be on its way

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