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Big Santa Hat Card

This card is very simple and elegant.  Decorate it with fabric and glitter, which takes about ten minutes.  You will need:  white construction paper, patterned wrapping paper, any Christmas stocking and red glitter glue pen. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, pencil, glue stick. 

big santa hat tools





1.  Get 10" by 7" piece of white construction paper and fold it in half.  Now you have a 5" by 7" card.  Make the edges face to your right.  Cut out a 5" by 7" piece of patterned wrapping paper and glue it on top of the card.  Choose wrapping paper that is not too busy.  It could be poinsettias, snowflakes, swirls or any other pattern that you think will look good as a background. 

2.  Take a Christmas stocking and draw with a pencil or marker a triangle and a circle.  The triangle should include 1.5" of the fuzzy white fabric and 3" of red or green fabric in length.  Make it 3.5" wide.  The circle should be the fuzzy white fabric about 1.25" in diameter.  Center these two pieces in the middle of the card and glue them down. 

big santa hat all







3.  With a pencil draw a frame on the card.  Leave .5" off the card's edge.  Take a red glitter glue pen and go over the pencil line.  Let the glitter dry.  Now you have a glitter frame on the card. 

This card can also be made using just the construction paper.  Instead of cutting out Santa's hat out of fabric, glue white and red pieces of construction paper together and cut out a triangle about 4.5" by 3.5".  Decorate with glitter and you have a beautiful addition to presents for the family.

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