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Big Snowflake Card

This handmade holiday card has a bit of dimension because of the use of fabric and ornament.  Decorated it with stones and glitter and you have a very unique creation.  You will need: green construction paper, dark green fabric, gold ribbon, adhesive rhinestones, red glitter glue pen and a small red foam ornament. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, pencil, glue stick. 

Big Snowflake Card-tools





1.  Get 12" by 5.5" piece of green construction paper and fold it in half.  Now you have a 6" by 5.5" card.  Make the two edges face to your right.  Take a gold decorating ribbon .75" wide.  Cut two strips 6" long and glue them to the top and bottom of the card.   

2.  Take a 6" by 6" piece of fabric.  Pick thicker materials for a 3D effect, like plush, terry, felt or velvet.  With a pencil or a marker draw a simple snowflake (see picture).  It should be a six-sided snowflake with three branches at the ends.  The snowflake should be a little smaller than the 6" by 6" piece of fabric. 

3.  Cut the snowflake out.  When you use scissors, the lines might be difficult to cut and not come out perfect, but that's what will make the snowflake look unique.  Glue it to the center of the card. 







4.  Take a small red foam ornament 1" in diameter.  Cut it in half.  If it's too difficult to do with scissors, then use a small file tool.  Glue the ornament to the center of the snowflake. 

5.  Take gold adhesive rhinestones and glue them in between each branch of the snowflake.  Make small dots with red glitter glue pen in the middle of each snowflake branch. 

To greatly simplify this card, cut the snowflake out of green construction paper instead of fabric.  To replace the ornament, make a large circle of red glitter glue or use a button.  Decorate the snowflake with small buttons, glitter, sequins or rhinestones. 

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