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Two Christmas Trees Card

This handmade Merry Christmas card is made mainly by decorating with glitter.  You will need:  red and green construction paper, glitter glue pens, and printed out "Merry Christmas" strip of paper. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, pencil, glue stick. 

Two Christmas Trees-tools




1.  Get 12" by 5.5" piece of red construction paper and fold it in half.  Now you have a 5.5" by 6" card.  Make the two edges face you.  Take a pencil and draw two simple Christmas trees (see picture).  The bigger tree is 3.5" tall, the smaller tree is 2.5" tall and the ground is .75" away from card's edge.  Take scissors and cut along the pencil line.  Throw the bottom piece out.   


2.  Get a piece of green construction paper and cut out a rectangle 5.5" by 6".  Glue this green paper to the inside of the card.  The green paper and red paper with the cut out trees should be glued together.  Now take a green glitter glue pen and outline the trees.  Let the glitter dry. 

3.  Print out a 2" by 1.25" Merry Christmas sign.  Make the background green and the letters white.  Glue the sign to the top left corner of the card, half an inch away from card's edges.   

4.  Take gold glitter glue pen and outline the printed sign.  Put a few dots of gold and red glitter on top of the trees to make it look like ornaments.  Let the glitter dry. 


5.  Take an iridescent or white glitter glue pen and draw two snowflakes in empty areas.  The snowflakes are drawn by making eight intersecting lines.  Put a few glitter dots on the empty areas of the card to make it look like snow.  Let the glitter dry. 

You can make a simpler version of this card by taking red construction paper and just drawing the trees on it with green market.  Layering paper like I did here gives the card a little more dimension.  Decorate with glitter as instructed or come up with your own version of decorating. 

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