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Present Ornament

The present ornament is great for the Christmas tree or decorate your stockings with a whole bunch of presents.  To make it you will need:  red felt fabric, red yarn, cotton stuffing, green decorative ribbon and white sequins or rhinestones. 

Decorating Tools:  pencil, scissors, fabric glue, sewing needle. 

Present Ornament-tools




1.  Take a piece of red felt fabric.  Fold it in half.  With a pencil or a marker draw three sides of the rectangle, folded edge being one of the four sides.  The rectangle should be 3" by 2.25".  Cut along the penciled line.  What you should get is 3" by 4.5" rectangle folded in half. 

2.  Using red yarn and a thick sewing needle, sew closed two christmas-present-1sides of the rectangle.  Take cotton and stuff the ornament.  Do not overstuff.  It should look like a nice flat pillow.  You can use facial cotton wipes for the stuffing.  Just break them in small pieces and even the cotton out inside the ornament.  Sew closed the last side of the ornament.   

christmas-plresent-23.  Make the folded edge of the ornament face towards you.  Take a green decorative ribbon .5" wide.  It can be a fabric or plastic ribbon.  Cut a piece 3" long and another 2.25" long.  Using fabric glue, glue the two ribbons on top of the ornament so that they create a cross.  Glue the 3" ribbon horizontally and 2.25" ribbon vertically.  Let the glue dry. 

4.  Cut another piece of green decorative ribbon 4.5" long.  Make a small bow and tie it in the center with a regular green thread.  Glue the bow to the center of the ornament, where two green ribbons intersect.  Use fabric glue for this.  Let the glue dry. 

christmas-present-35.  Flip the ornament over so that the folded edge is still facing towards you.  Thread a needle with red yarn 8" long.  Pull the yarn through .25" of fabric in the top center of the ornament.  Take the needle out of the yarn and make a knot to tie both yarn ends together. 

6.  Decorate the ornament with white sequins, rhinestones or jewels.  Scatter sequins in the empty areas of the ornament between the ribbons.  The sequins should be about .25" in diameter.  Glue them using craft glue.  Let the glue dry before hanging the present ornament on the tree. 

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