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Beaded Candy Cane

Making beaded candy canes can be a lot of fun for girls of all ages.  Just get out your beads and decorate.  To make it you will need: jewelry bendable wire and 60 beads of two different colors. 

Decorating Tools: wire cutter. 

Beaded Candy Cane -tools




1.  Get 30 red beads and 30 green beads 5mm (3/16") in diameter.  Using wire cutters cut a piece of bendable metal jewelry wire 13" long.  You can purchase this wire at any home improvement store.  Fold the wire in half. 






2.  Put all 30 red beads through one side of the wire and all 30 green beads through the other side of the wire (see picture).  Twist the two ends of the wire together a couple of times after all the beads are put through it.  This will secure the beads in place.  



3.  Now you have something that looks like a flat bracelet.  Twist the wire so that the red beads are twisting together with the green beads (see picture).  After you get a stick of twisted red and green beads, bend the top of stick to make the candy cane shape. 

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