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How To Make A Simple Stocking

Here are the instructions on how to make a basic stocking.  After making the first one, decorate it with things like buttons, ribbons, glitter, ornaments, appliques and confetti.  You can even make tiny versions of this stocking to hang on the Christmas tree.  To make this stocking you will need: red and white felt fabric, and white embroidery thread. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, sewing needle. 

Simple Stocking-tools




1.  Print out the template of stocking.  Put the template against simple-stocking-templatered felt fabric and cut it out.  You can pin the template to the fabric to make cutting easier.  Put the now cut out template against another piece of red felt fabric and cut that one out.  Now you have two sides of the stocking.  If you don't want to print out the template, just draw a stocking with chalk on a piece of red felt, cut it out, then put this cutout piece on top of another red felt and cut it out once again. 

simple-stocking-12.  Thread a needle with white embroidery thread.  Start sewing the two stocking pieces at the top of the stocking.  To make sewing easier, pin two pieces of fabric along the edges.  Sew the stocking together around the edges, but remember to leave an opening at the top. 

3.  Cut out a white piece of felt 10.5" by 3.25".  Lay down the stocking on top of white felt, leaving .5" white edge on top and the side (see picture).  Fold the .5" white felt piece that's on thesimple-stocking-2 side onto the stocking (see picture), and sew it to the stocking starting from the top.  Now sew the white felt to the red felt by going around the stocking's edge (see picture).  Sew around the entire stocking's edge and cut the rest of the thread off. 

simple-stocking-34.  Cut out a 7" by .75" piece of red felt for the hook.  Fold it in half and sew it to the top of the stocking, tucking the edges of the hook inside.  The edges should be tucked inside the stocking about .5" deep. 

5.  You can decorate this stocking by simply scattering buttons, confetti or jewels on top of it.  Use the cuff for extra decorating space. 

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