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Snowflake Trio Stocking

After purchasing or making a stocking, decorate it with felt snowflakes.  Follow instructions below to make a simple, pretty stocking.  To make this stocking you will need: any stocking, red, green and white felt fabric, ten red buttons. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, pencil, fabric glue, glue gun. 

Snowflake Trio Stocking-tools




1.  Print out the snowflake templates and cut them out.  Get red, snowflake-trio-tempgreen and white sheets of felt fabric.  Put the templates against the felt that matches the template's color.  Trace the outline of each felt snowflake with white pencil or chalk, then cut the shapes out (see picture).  All together you should have: one large green shape, two medium green shapes, one red shape and ten white shapes.  

2.  Gather ten red buttons 10mm (3/8") in diameter.  Get fabric glue and make the first applique.  Put glue on the red snowflake snowflake-trio-1and glue it on top of the large green snowflake.  Put glue on white snowflake and glue it on top of red snowflake.  Make sure that the snowflakes are centered before the glue dries.  Now take glue gun and glue one red button to the center of the white snowflake.  You have just finished one of the appliques. 

3.  Now lets make the second and third applique.  Take a white snowflake and glue it in the center of a medium green snowflake using fabric glue.  Using glue gun, glue a red button to the center snowflake-trio-2of white snowflake.  Make two of those appliques.  

4.  Gather the left over seven white snowflakes and seven red buttons.  Glue a red button on top of each white snowflake using glue gun.  Let all the glue dry before proceeding to the next step. 

5.  Get fabric glue ready.  Center the biggest applique on the line between the stocking and the cuff.  Glue the applique in place (see picture).  Take two medium appliques and glue them on both sides of the big applique.  Take the seven white snowflakes with buttons and scatter them on the red part of the stocking.  After you like the layout, glue them down. 

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