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Reindeer Stocking

You can purchase or make your own stocking for this project.  It's very easy to make - just decorate by cutting out and glueing.  To make this stocking you will need: any stocking, red felt fabric, black beads and silver jewels. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, fabric glue, craft glue. 






1.  Print out reindeer template.  Glue the template to the back reindeer-stocking-templateof red felt fabric using fabric glue.  This will make cutting template out easier.  Cut out the reindeer.  Make another fabric reindeer using this method (see picture).  Now you have two reindeer appliques. 

2.  Take a white or green stocking.  You can make the stocking yourself by following how to make a simple stocking project.  Lay reindeer-stocking-1the stocking in front of you.  Flip the reindeers so that they are red felt side up.  Lay reindeers out on the stocking and when you like where they are positioned, glue them down.  Use fabric glue or craft glue for this.   

3.  Get two 2mm black beads.  Carefully using craft glue, glue the black beads to make eyes on the reindeers.  The easiest way to glue small objects is to put a dot of glue where the eyes should be, then place the beads on those spots.  Now take three 10mm silver jewels and glue them to the stocking in the empty areas. 

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