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Snowflake Stocking

After purchasing or making a stocking, decorate it using simple instructions below.  Make this handmade stocking as a gift for someone special this holiday.  To make this stocking you will need: any stocking, white lace fabric, red and silver jewels and small cotton balls. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, fabric glue, glue gun. 

Snowflake Stocking-tools




1.  Print out the snowflake template.  Take a piece of white lace snowflake-stocking-templatefabric.  Put a light layer of fabric glue on the lace.  Glue the paper template to the lace fabric and let the glue dry.  This makes it much easier to cut the fabric out and makes the lace texture stand out.  You can also use felt instead of lace.  Now cut out the snowflake. 

2.  Put a layer of fabric glue on the back of the snowflake.  Gluesnowflake-stocking-1 the snowflake to the middle of the stocking and let the glue dry.  You can lay out the snowflake on top of stocking before using the glue, to make sure you like the positioning. 

3.  Get one red jewel 7mm (.25") in diameter.  Glue this jewel in the middle of the snowflake using glue gun.  Get 48 silver jewels 7mm in diameter.  Glue a row of 8 silver jewels starting at the center of the snowflake going towards snowflake's branch (see picture).  Repeat this process six times.  Take six more red jewels 7mm in diameter, and glue them around the snowflake's center in between silver rows. 

4.  Get seven small cotton balls.  You can take them from q-tips or facial cotton wipes and roll a small amount between your fingers to make a small ball.  Lay out the cotton balls at the empty top and bottom parts of the stocking.  Glue them to the stocking using fabric glue when you are happy with your layout. 

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