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Arrangement Of Presents

Make your own Christmas arrangement to decorate a tabletop or a shelf.  You can put this beautiful arrangement in any room of the house for a festive atmosphere.  To make it you will need:  a few small jewelry boxes, different kinds of wrapping paper, decorating ribbon. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, scotch tape. 

Arrange Of Presents-tools




1.  Get about five small jewelry boxes.  The boxes should be different sizes.  Bring out two or three different kinds of Christmas wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper should have one color in common to create a pleasant overall look.  I took wrapping paper that has red throughout all the sheets. 


2.  Cut the wrapping paper sheet for each box so that it wraps the box entirely.  To properly gift wrap a box start by putting the box upside down in the middle of paper (see picture).  Put the left side of paper over the box's surface, then cover it with the right side of paper.  Put a piece of tape on top of both paper layers to hold them in place.  Now flip the box onto its side so that the two paper edges are facing you (see picture).  Fold in the left and the right sides of paper, fold in the bottom part, and finally fold in the top part.  Tuck the top triangle's edge in and put a piece of tape over it (see picture).  Repeat this process for the other side. 

arrangement-of-presents-13.  You should now have five wrapped gift boxes.  Take decorating ribbon.  I used three different kinds of ribbon .25" wide.  Before cutting a piece of ribbon, wrap the ribbon fully around the box leaving 1.5" to 2" ends hanging on top.  Put the ribbon across the top of the box first, make the ends cross and twist together at the bottom of the box, and bring the two ends to the front of the box again.  Tie the ends of the ribbon with two knots and trim them off. 

4.  To make a nice arrangement out of the boxes, get a decorative plate.  The plate should fit all the boxes in it.  Display the boxes so that they slightly overlap each other.  Add a couple of pine branches to the sides of the plate or into the plate.  You can also add small ornaments to the plate for more shine and festivity. 

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