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Ornament Wreath

Christmas ornament wreath can be a great decoration for a door front, windows and walls in your house.  Hang it above the fireplace for a perfect display or decorate a window with this beautiful handmade wreath.  To make it you will need:  large piece of cardboard, two rolls of gold decorating ribbon, round ornaments of different colors. 

Decorating Tools: drawing compass, scissors, glue gun. 

Ornament Wreath-tools




1.  Get a piece of cardboard 12" by 12".  With a drawing compass make a 12" circle and another 6" circle in the middle of the cardboard (see picture).  Take scissors and cut out both circles.  You should get a wreath shape. 

ornament-wreath-12.  Using scissors puncture a hole .5" away from the top edge of the wreath.  Take decorating ribbon 1.5" wide.  Cut a piece of ribbon 12" long.  Fold the ribbon in half and put one end through the hole you made.  Glue both ends to the back of the wreath using glue gun.  We now have a hook for the wreath. 

3.  Take a roll of gold decorating ribbon.  The ribbon should be 1.5" wide.  Outline the wreath's outer edge with the ribbon (see ornament-wreath-2picture) by overlapping the ribbon .5" into the wreath's surface and gluing it down.  Start at the hook and continue to slightly fold and glue the ribbon around the wreath.  Cut the end off when you make a full circle.  Now take a roll of gold ribbon .75" wide and outline the inner edge of the wreath with it.  Follow the same technique as you did for the larger ribbon. When you make a full circle with the small ribbon, cut the end off. 

4.  Take about 35 round ornaments 1.5" in diameter.  I used different kinds of gold and blue ornaments.  It is better to use less than three colors of ornaments for this, so that the wreath looks ornament-wreath-3balanced and tastefully decorated.  Take the hooks off the ornaments.  Glue them to the wreath's surface one by one using glue gun - put a drop of glue on the surface of an ornament and put the ornament onto the surface of the wreath.  Vary the colors as you go so that you don't have a huge cluster of one color and not enough of another in one area (see picture).  Fill the cardboard wreath with the ornaments, but have the inner and outer ribbon be seen. 

5.  This ornament can be hung anywhere, and because it is small, it will fit into any undecorated area in the house.  Besides being a great decoration, the ornament wreath makes a great gift.  Give it to a relative or a neighbor.  

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