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Christmas Tree Cones

Make your own Christmas decor this holiday season.  It's easy, creative and fun.  Place the Christmas tree cones under the tree or on top of the fireplace for a beautiful display.  To make it you will need:  two pieces of construction paper, silver paint, silver and green glitter and glue, silver and green glitter glue pens, small red ornaments in two different sizes. 

Decorating Tools: scotch tape, scissors, craft glue, paintbrush, glue gun. 

Christmas Tree Cones-tools




1.  Get two pieces of white construction paper 11"x17" and 8.5"x11".  Take one of the paper's ends and fold it in to create a cone shape (see picture).  Once you are happy with your cone, tape the paper arrangement-of-cones-1edges together with scotch tape to keep the paper from unraveling.  Trim the bottom of the cone into a circular shape.  The cone should be able to stand on its own and not collapse (see picture).  Do the same with the second piece of paper.  Now you have two cones - one large and one small. 

2.  Take acrylic silver paint and paintbrush.  Put your hand into the cone to hold it, and paint it silver with the other hand.  It might take two layers of paint to cover the cone fully.  Do the same with the other cone.  Let the paint dry. arrangement-of-cones-2

3.  Get silver glitter, paintbrush and craft glue.  Put your hand into the large cone to hold it, and with your other hand apply a thin coat of glue to the entire surface of the cone.  Then sprinkle silver glitter on the cone before the glue has a chance to dry.  It's better to do this outside or in the bathroom, since glitter can become messy.  Do the same with the small cone, but put green glitter on it.  Let the glue dry. 

4.  Take green glitter glue pen and draw swirls on the large cone (see picture).  Take silver glitter glue pen and draw swirls on the small cone.  You can also draw dots, lines or snowflakes instead.  arrangement-of-cones-3Let the glitter dry. 

5.  Bring out small red ornaments.  I used two different sizes - larger ones for silver cone and smaller ones for green cone.  Plug in the glue gun and let it heat up.  Glue the small red ornaments to each tree spacing them out about 2" apart. 

6.  You can display these trees in many different ways.  Put them on the fireplace among toy Santa and reindeers to create a scene.  They can look very cute on the windowsill with window decorations.  Or just put them under the tree to add sparkle in between the presents. 

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