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Rosy Heart Card

Rosy heart card is great for adding something special to the present for your loved one.  It will take about ten minutes to make.  To make it you will need: pink construction paper or textured paper, shiny, gold and pink ribbons of different widths, and a fabric flower. 

Decorating Tools: pencil, scissors, craft glue. 

Rosy Heart-tools




1.  Take pink construction paper or textured paper.  Textured paper can be purchased in any art supply store.  With a pencil draw a simple heart about 5.5" by 5".  Cut the heart out. 

2.  Get shiny gold or iridescent ribbon .75" wide.  Cut two strips 6" long.  Using craft glue, glue the ribbons so that they cross each other on the card (see picture).  Let the glue dry and cut the rosy-heart-1hanging ends off. 

3.  Take two different color ribbons .25" wide.  We used dark pink and gold ribbons.  Cut each piece of ribbon to be about 3.75" long.  Make bows out of the ribbons and glue the bows together in the centers.  Get a fabric flower 1" in diameter.  Using craft glue, glue the flower on top of the two ribbons.  Let the glue dry. 

4.  After the glue on the fabric flower dries, glue it to the card where the iridescent ribbons intersect. 

I made this card with an area for greeting at the bottom of the card or on the back of the card, but you can make this card so that you can open it and write the greeting on the inside.  Also, you can decorate with any materials you have at home - appliques, fabric bows, buttons, fake flowers, dry flowers and jewels. 

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