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Embroidered Heart Card

The handmade embroidered heart card is all about layering.  Take two different kinds of wrapping paper and start decorating your card.  To make it you will need: two kinds of Valentine's Day wrapping paper, and thick pink embroidery thread. 

Decorating Tools: pencil, scissors, hole punch, sewing needle, glue stick, pen. 

Embroidered Heart-tools




1.  Purchase the prettiest Valentine's Day wrapping paper you can find.  Take a small piece and draw a heart on it.  The heart emb-heart-1should be about 4" by 3".  After you sketch the heart, cut it out.  Put this heart on the same type of wrapping paper and draw around its contours with a pencil.  Cut the second heart out.  Now you have two hearts of the same size. 

2.  Take one of the hearts you cut out and with a hole punch make a small heart inside this one (see picture).  You should end up with holes in the shape of the heart.  Thread a needle with emb-heart-2pink embroidery thread and sew the heart by going in and out of the hole punched holes (see picture).  When the heart is embroidered, take the needle out and glue the end of the thread to the back of the heart. 

3.  Now take the embroidered heart and the second heart that you cut out.  Put the embroidered heart on top and glue the two together at the very top (see picture).  Put two lines of glue on the top ears of the heart and glue the two together.  You should be able to open the embroidered heart and write your greeting on the bottom heart. 

4.  Take the same wrapping paper that you used for the hearts and cut out a 7" by 7" piece.  Now take another kind of paper.  It emb-heart-3can be patterned or solid.  We used solid brown paper to go with the pinks in the other paper.  Cut out a piece 5" by 5".  Center the smaller piece on top of bigger piece and glue them together (see picture). 

5.  Lay out the embroidered heart in the center of the card and glue it down.  Let the glue dry.  Open the top heart and write in your greeting.  It can say LOVE or I LOVE YOU or BE MINE. 

Personalize this card with your own greeting and style.  You can decorate it even further by adding rhinestones or glitter to the layers of wrapping paper.  If sewing is not your style, replace it with a glitter heart or glue jewels in the shape of the heart.  Be creative and have fun. 

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