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Potpourri Heart Card

The handmade potpourri heart card is beautiful, easy to put together and makes a great gift.  Potpourri adds a nice 3D effect to the card and you can be as creative as you want.  To make it you will need:  pink, light pink and white construction paper or textured paper, and potpourri. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, glue stick, glue gun, pen.

Potpourri Heart-tools 



1.  Take a 9" by 6" piece of pink construction paper or textured paper.  The textured paper can be purchased in any art supply store.  Fold the piece in half and make the two edges face you.  Now you have a 6" by 4.5" card.   

Potpourri-Heart-all2.  Cut out a piece of light pink paper 5" by 3.5".  Trim off the edges with fabric scissors, so that the edges are in zigzag.  If you don't have fabric scissors, then do what I did and just make the zigzag edge with regular scissors.  This will give the paper a little pattern.  Glue this light pink paper in the middle of the card using glue stick.   

3.  Get white construction paper and with a pencil sketch out a heart.  The size of the heart should not be bigger than 3.5" by 3".  The heart does not have to be perfect.  We just need to have a simple heart shape.  Cut the heart out and glue it in the middle of the card (in the center of light pink paper).   

4.  Gather the potpourri that you want to use.  Make sure that the pieces are not too big or too small.  Get the glue gun ready.  One by one glue pieces of leaves and flowers to the inside of the white heart.  Make sure that the edges of the white heart are still visible after all the potpourri is glued down.  Here you can be very creative.  Maybe you want to make this card very dimensional and layer a few layers of potpourri onto the center.  Or if you just want a pretty, light card, just glue all your pieces in one layer that fits within the white heart. 

5.  You are almost done.  Take a red pen or marker.  Write the word LOVE or VALENTINE on the bottom of the card.  This will make it more special and personal. 

You can make your own version of this card by replacing potpourri with buttons, glitter, jewels or patterns.  Just have fun and create something beautiful! 

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