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Decorated Candy Container

To give someone some tasty candy in creative packaging, make this candy container.  It’s easy to do and makes a great presentation.  To make it you will need: a plastic container, two types of Valentine's Day wrapping paper, a wide ribbon and a thin ribbon to match your wrapping paper. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, scotch tape, craft glue. 

Decorated Candy Container-tools




1.  Take any plastic container.  I used one that's 5.5" tall and 4.5" in diameter, and will go by these measurements.  If your container is bigger or smaller, adjust your measurements of wrapping paper and ribbons accordingly.   

2.  Get a piece of simple wrapping paper.  I used white with polka dots.  Cut two pieces 14" by 2".  Take one of the pieces Candy-Container-1and wrap it around the top of the container.  Put a piece of scotch tape to join the two ends.  Make the paper stick out 1" over the top.  Fold that 1" of paper over the edge of the container to the inside.  Tape the folded paper to the inside of the container using clear tape (see picture).  Now do the same with the bottom of the container.  Take the second piece of wrapping paper and wrap it around the bottom of the container.  Make the paper stick out 1" on the bottom.  Tape the two meeting ends together and tape the 1" of hanging paper to the bottom of the container.  Don't worry if this wrapping did not come out perfect - we will cover the imperfections up later.  You have created top and bottom trim for the container. 

Candy-Container-23.  Take another piece of wrapping paper, but this one should be patterned and bright.  Cut a piece 14" by 4.25".  Wrap this large piece around the middle of the container.  Tape the two meeting ends at the back and put another couple of pieces of clear tape along the top and bottom of the paper to keep it in place. 

4.  Get a bright ribbon 1.5" wide.  I used bright red one for Valentine's Day.  Cut a piece 14" long.  Glue this ribbon around the middle of the container using craft glue (or glue gun).  Get the second ribbon that's shiny, like gold or silver .25" wide.  Don't cut a piece just yet.  Wrap it around the center of the wide ribbon, make a small knot to join the two ends, and make a small bow on top.  My bow is 2.5" wide with 1.5" ends.  If you feel that this is not the right size, make the bow whatever size you want.  Once the bow is done, trim the two ends to be the same size. 

This Valentine's Day container can also be used for other treats, like tea, cookies and even small fruits.  If you feel like decorating this container further, add glitter, jewels, more bows and whatever you can think of that will make a creative, fun project for you. 

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