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Decorated Hearts Card

This handmade hearts card is so very adorable.  Decorate it with a combination of jewels and fabric flowers for an elegant look.  To make it you will need: white, light pink, orange and pink construction paper, pink or orange jewels or beads, and three fabric flowers. 

Decorating Tools: scissors, glue stick, pencil, craft glue. 

Decorated Hearts-tools




1.  Take a 6.5" by 10" light pink piece of construction paper.  Fold it in half.  Now you have a 6.5" by 5" card.  Make the two edges of the card point towards you.   

2.  Cut out two strips of white construction paper 5.5" by 1.5" and use fabric scissors for this.  Fabric scissors will create a nice zigzag pattern on the edges of the paper.  If you don't have fabric scissors, make small zigzags with regular scissors as you are cutting the paper.  I did the zigzags in the picture with regular scissors.  Glue both white strips of paper to the center of the card (see picture). Decorated-Hearts-Card-all1

3.  Take pink and orange construction paper.  I used some textured paper also, which is great for extra pattern.    With a pencil sketch out six hearts that measure 1.75" by 1.5".  I did four pink hearts and two orange ones, but you can do as many as you want of any color.  It should come out to be six in total.  Cut each heart out and fold it slightly in the middle to add dimension (see picture).  Now put a line of glue on the back of each heart and glue the hearts to the white paper strips in rows of three.  You should have three hearts on the top white strip and three hearts on the bottom white strip (see picture).  Let the glue dry.  The color order is up to you. 

Decorated-Hearts-Card-all24.  Now take a few orange or pink jewels or beads.  The jewels should be .25" or .5".  Glue the jewels in the row at the very top of the card and very bottom of the card.  Let the craft glue dry. 

5.  Get three fabric flowers around .5" in diameter.  I used two different kinds for more interest - with leaves and without leaves.  Glue one of the flowers to the top middle heart.  Glue two last flowers to the hearts on the ends of the bottom row.  Let the glue dry. 

You can write the greeting inside the card or in the front of the card in between two white strips.  Decorate this card with anything you have in the house: fabric trims, buttons, bows and ribbons.  Replace paper hearts with hearts cut out of fabric for even more dimension. 

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