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Picture Frame With Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts History 

Valentine's Day candy hearts have been around for more than a century.  The production of this candy started in 1902.  There are hundreds of ways to say "I love you" and these hearts let us know most of the ways.  The older candies have such sweet sayings as "Kiss Me", "Be Mine" and "Sweet Talk".  Some discontinued sayings are "You Are Gay" and "Dig Me".   

The creators of the candy say that it's tricky to come up with new sayings.  They can't have too many words, be offensive or complicated.  The candy has to convey the message in a word or two.  There are two different sizes for the candy - .5" and .75".  The small hearts can only fit up to two words that are about four letters each.  The larger hearts can fit up to two words as well, but with six letters each.  Some phrases have been shortened and are read as you would read a text message. 

These fun candies come in seven colors and flavors: pink for cherry, yellow for banana, orange for oranges, green for lemon, purple for grape, white for wintergreen, and brown for chocolate.  These candies are great for crafts as well.  Enjoy your Valentine's Day with fun, tasty treats! 

Picture Frame With Candy Hearts 

Things you will need for this project: small picture frames that can be in different shapes and a bag of candy hearts. 

Decorating tools: glue gun. 

Picture Frame With Candy-tools





Gather one or more small fun picture frames.  Make sure that the surface of the frames is clean.  Put your favorite pictures in Frame-With-Candy-allthe frame.  Pick pictures that are affectionate and express love and care for one another.  Warm up the glue gun.  One by one start gluing pieces of candy to the frames.  You can start by doing the top and bottom first, or just go around the whole frame.  To expand your level of fun during this project, layer the candy hearts on top of each other to create a 3D effect. 

Give these fun frames as gifts to your loved ones or display them on a table, fireplace, shelves or cabinets.  Happy Valentine's Day! 

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