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Handmade Gift Bag

This handmade gift bag can be very useful when giving gifts this Valentine's Day.  The bag you are about to make is elegantly small and is good for gifts like candy, tea bags or a small jewelry box.  To make it you will need: a piece of floral wrapping paper and thin ribbon to match the wrapping paper. 

Decorating Tools: pencil and ruler, scissors, scotch tape, craft glue. 

Handmade Gift Bag-tools




1.  Take a piece of floral wrapping paper and cut a piece 11.25" by 5.5".  Flip the paper right side down.  Measure sections of the Handmade-Gift-Bag-1paper going from left to right so that you have: 1", 4.5", 1", 4.5", .25" (see picture).  Draw pencil lines going up and down to separate the pieces.  Now gently fold each piece in.  This should make a bag shape when you stand the paper on its side.  When you get the bag shape, glue the .25" piece in, so that the bag stays in shape.  You can use scotch tape for this. 

Handmade-Gift-Bag-22.  Make the bag stand in front of you.  Measure 1" from the top of each corner and mark it with the pencil.  Cut 1" down on each corner of the bag (see picture).  Fold in the small side pieces first, then the larger flaps.  Scotch tape the flaps to each other.  Now you have created the bottom of the bag. 

3.  Take a thin .25" wide ribbon.  Cut two pieces 6" long.  Take Handmade-Gift-Bag-3one of the ribbons and using craft glue, glue each of the ribbons ends to the inside of the bag.  Make sure you glue the ribbons' ends to the wide side of the bag, about .5" down from the top edge (see picture).  Do the same with the other piece of ribbon.  Now you have bag handles.  Let the glue dry. 

4.  Take the same ribbon and make a bow out of it.  I made one that's 2" wide with 1.5" ends.  You can have a bigger or smaller Handmade-Gift-Bag-4one if you want - whatever you think will look better.  After creating the bow shape, use dots of craft glue in the middle of the ribbon bow to glue it in place.  Let the glue dry.  Glue the bow to the side of the bag as shown on the picture.

You can also make a bigger bag by selecting a larger piece of gift wrap paper.  A bigger gift bag can be used for any gift and the person you are giving it to is guaranteed to love it because it will be beautiful.  Decorate this bag with other accessories, like different kinds of ribbons, fabric flowers and jewels. 

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