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Decorating a Valentine's Day Table

 Decorating a Valentine's Day Table

Valentine's Day is about love.  One way to show love and appreciation for another is to create a romantic atmosphere.  Set a festive table and enjoy your dinner with loved ones. 

First thing to do is to prepare the background for your fancy dinner.  Cover the table with luxurious fabrics, like lace or silk.  To protect the fabric from spills, layer a clear plastic cover on top.  Purchase fancy fabric napkins or placemats to put under each plate.  You might already have some of these fabrics laying around.  Simple fabric napkins can be made out of a curtain fabric.  Just cut out small shapes about 15" by 15", and hem the sides. 

Decorate the chairs with fabric as well.  On suggestions for dressing up a chair, click here.  Get a piece of fabric or a shawl and wrap it around the chair, making a bow at the back.  Decorate the fabric bow with ribbons or fabric flowers.  You can use the same bow to tie around vases, champagne glasses and forks. 

valentine's-day-table-1Colors for this table have to have a romantic theme.  You can use traditional romantic colors, like red, pink and white.  Or use richer colors, like burgundy, dark turquoise, navy and gold. 

Make confetti to sprinkle onto the table for more fun.  Use Valentine's Day wrapping paper or tissue wrapping paper and a hole punch.  This will add some colors and festivity to the table.   

Buy Valentine's Day candy hearts and sprinkle a few on the table with the confetti.  If you make cupcakes, put a few candy hearts on them with personal messages for each member of the family. 

Bring out your best dishes.  That's why you own them, for occasions like this.  Set a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table.  If you have a fancy candle holder, set it up also with pretty candles.  Be creative and have fun with this fancy table.  Pretend that you are a wedding planner setting a table.  Put a single fresh flower into each wine glass.  For desert, cut fresh fruits into fun, pretty shapes and display the fruits on a platter with flowers tucked into it.  Decorate deserts with fruits and flowers also.

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