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Tips On Hanging Pictures

 Tips On Hanging Pictures

The most important thing for hanging pictures is hooks.  Using the right size hooks is crucial for successful hanging.  Large, strong hooks are necessary to hang big pictures, and the wall has to be stable.  If you have a large group of pictures and are not at all sure of how to hang them and what hooks to use, then maybe it’s a good idea to get a professional to hang this stuff for you.  This will ensure that you will not do any guess work or damage the walls. 

When you are choosing a picture for your wall, consider its shape.  A picture that’s large and horizontal will add width to the room, and a vertical large picture will add height.  Basically, if you want to widen the space, pick horizontal format, and if you want to make the room taller, pick vertical.   

Small pictures in any shape will get lost on a large wall.  If you have a large wall, pick either a large picture or an arrangement of tips-for-hanging-picturespictures to cover more space.  A large picture on a small wall might make the wall look very crowded.  In this case a small picture is better, or a combination of small pictures. 

If you picked out an arrangement of pictures to hang, figure out your layout first.  To play around with your arrangement, cut out the shapes of all the pictures out of paper.  Make the paper shapes the actual sizes of the pictures.  Using double-sided tape or masking tape, tape the paper pictures to the wall in different arrangements to see which one you like.  You can also just lay out the pictures on the floor to see if the arrangement works.  This way you will not ruin your wall with nail holes in case you did not like how the arrangement came out. 

For an arrangement of pictures it’s better to pick  uneven numbers, like one three or five.  They work better in a group than even numbers in most cases.  Very small pictures of family and friends can be hung together in one frame as a montage or a collage.  On their own these pictures can get lost, but when put all together will make a nice family presentation. 

When the pictures you want to hang together are picked out, try to match the frames to the room's decor.  If you have them all different colors, like green, black, pink, yellow and white, the pictures will not look good hung together.  Try to create a color story with the frames.  If the pictures are the focal point of the room, match the frames with each other.  The frames do not have to be the same color, but have to go together. 

Now have fun and decorate! Pick your favorite pictures and make a masterpiece of a wall.

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