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How To Arrange Pictures On a Wall

 How To Arrange Pictures On a Wall

The right arrangement of pictures can add interest and balance to your decor.  If the artwork is hung without a thought it will look messy and unappealing.  Here are a few tips to help you make the best picture arrangement. 

Figure out which pictures you want to hang in the room and bring them out.  Place all of the pictures on the floor below the spot where they will be hung and step back a bit.  Take a look around the room and imagine that the pictures are already hung up.  Do they go with your room's decor?  Do you need more or less pictures, or what you have is just perfect? 

If you have a few pictures that you want to arrange on a wall, hang the center painting at the eye level.  Eye level should be determined when you stand.  When you have a few pictures of how-to-arrange-pictures1different sizes and not sure where to start, pick the biggest picture and hang it in the middle of the wall on the eye level.  Then arrange the other pictures around it.  Remember that all of these pictures while great on their own, also have to create an eye pleasing arrangement on the wall. 

When you have a long wall and want to create two rows of pictures, imagine that you have two lines - top line and bottom line.  This is really all about measuring.  How high do you want the first row to start?  Measure out a line and mark it with a pencil, so you can erase it later.  This line should indicate the bottom of the pictures in thehow-to-arrange-pictures2 first row.  Space the pictures in the first row, then hang them up.  Now do the same measuring and spacing with the second row, and hang the rest of the pictures. 

Most picture arrangements look best when laid out symmetrically.  When you have pictures of the same sizes, or one big picture and many of the same size pictures, use symmetry.  If your pictures are all different sizes, you might want to play around with a less controlled layout.   

If you have an even number of pictures that are the same size, lay them out in one big square or a rectangle.  This group can be arranged to work as one piece. 

how-to-arrange-pictures3When you are working with a traditional style room and have a few different sizes of pictures to hang on one wall, arrange them in one big square.  Lay your pictures out on the floor before hanging them.  Set up a square by putting the biggest pictures in the corners of this square.  Now you have four pictures in the corners of a square and all this space in between.  Put smaller pictures between the large pictures in empty spaces you created.  Fill in this visual square from the outside in.  It’s okay to have empty spaces inside the square. 

To showcase one piece of artwork, don't hide it amongst other art.  Hang it alone and put great lighting above the picture to really show it off.  Put major pieces of furniture a little bit away from the art piece, so that it’s the first thing you notice in the room.

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