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Different Types Of Wallpaper

 Different Types Of Wallpaper

Pre-Pasted Paper is also called ready-pasted paper.  It has an adhesive coat that was applied to the paper during manufacturing process.  To reactivate the adhesive, the paper is moistened with water by being passed through water trough before being hung on the wall. 

Lining Paper is one layer of plain paper.  It is used for surface preparation.  Lining paper is used for strengthening the wallpaper and to even out the porosity of a surface. 

Duplex is two sheets of paper that are bonded together.  The papers can also be laminated together. 

Simplex is a simple type of wall hanging.  It has a design printed on it and is a single thickness of paper. 

Anaglypta Wallpaper is a duplex paper that's heavily embossed.  It's Greek in origin.  Anaglypta is used on walls and ceilings, and it has to be painted after it is hung.  This type of wallpaper is usually hung in private residences. 

Embossed is a design of wallpaper where the front side of the paper is raised, and the adhesive side is hollow. 

Metallic papers are also called foils.  This kind of wallpaper has a metallic finish on the surface.  Powdered metals or aluminium is added to the surface of the paper to create the shiny effect.


Hessian is a layer of hemp or jute that is closely woven and attached to a paper backing. 

Grass Cloth is made out of fibers of honeysuckle vine that are attached to a paper backing. 

Printed Papers come in two forms - pulp and ground.  Pulp method is when the pattern gets printed straight on to the natural color of the paper.  Ground is where the papers get coated with paint before they are printed on. 

Jaspe is linear veins made of different colors that are printed. 

Chintz are patterns that are made to look like cotton chintz forms. 

Satin is a sheen that is made on paper by glazing or polishing the ground before design is put on it. 


Satinette is a sheen made when you add mica to the ground. 

Flock is made by dusting specks of silk, flock or wool onto a paper with a pattern.  This creates a piled effect that has a velvety feel.  This style of paper was popular long ago and is back in fashion. 

Moire has a satin or satinette ground.  It has a very fine engraved embossing. 

Mural is a landscape or a scene on a wall.  These are usually big in size and can go on the wall or a window. 

Gravure is a paper with pattern that is applied with rollers to the surface.  It’s a photographic process that makes a pattern. 

Vinyl is laminated to paper or backing.  This method is widely used in service areas.  Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. 

Vinyl Coated Paper is coated with vinyl on the face side.  It is very durable.

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