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Easy Tips For Hanging Wallpaper

 Easy Tips For Hanging Wallpaper

For smaller surfaces, like kitchen and bathroom countertops or children's room furnishings you can get pre-pasted, washable vinyl coverings.  They come in a great variety of colors and patterns and are easy to change. 

If your walls are not smooth, do not put smooth wallpaper right on them.  Use liner paper as your first coat and wallpaper on top of it. 

Add decorative touches to any room with wallpaper borders.  This could be a missing decorating touch for door and window easy-tips-wallpaper2trims or wall borders.  You can also use wallpaper for moldings.  Match your wallpapered borders to a picture frame covered in the same  wallpaper.  This arrangement can create a smooth transition from wall to wall. 

Wallpapering can be just as creative as painting.  You don't have to just apply it vertically.  Try flipping pieces of pattern horizontally to create a patchwork pattern. 

Wallpaper is a great element to build on your color palette.  If it's a solid color, use other tints and shades of this color throughout the room on accessories and furniture to make the decor look complete.  If the wallpaper has a pattern made out of a few colors, use them throughout the room.  It could be a solid couch to match the busy wallpaper. 

If you decided to use only one roll of wallpaper for trims, make it the most exquisite, hand-painted pattern.  A small, special border can help upgrade the look of the room.

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