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Wallpapering Mistakes To Avoid

 Wallpapering Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most common mishaps that happen when wallpapering is tearing.  It’s when the paper tears or rips.  The cause of this can be over soaking the paper, using tools that are not sharp, poor handling or bad cutting. 

Adhesive stains can appear on the wallpaper.  The cause of this can be wrong paper handling or wrong methods of pasting.  Also, if your glue is made from starch in dextrine type, this glue can leave stains if it is of poor quality. 

When the wallpaper is not laying flat on the surface, bubbles or blisters can appear.  In this case, there is air trapped between the paper and the wall.  This usually happens when the wallpaper is not soaked enough or the adhesive is not layered evenly on paper.  Make sure that the adhesive side of the wallpaper is evenly brushed with glue and has been soaked well. 

Sometimes the joints of the paper open after they dry.  To avoid the shrinking and opening of the joints, distribute the adhesive evenly throughout the paper, making sure you put a coat of adhesive at the ends. 

When the wallpaper is overstretched, it’s hard to match its pattern correctly or the paper might crease.  Overstretching is the result of poor wallpaper handling or using too much adhesive. 

Overlapping is when one sheet of paper gets layered on top of another.  If the paper is not brushed evenly, it can swell unevenly after drying.  Also, this can be the result of lack of an adhesive or improper wallpaper handling.

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