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Tips For Painting

 Tips For Painting

To make sure you like the color that you picked out for your room, test it on foam-core board.  Paint the board with the color, let it dry and put the board against the wall in different parts of the room. 

Latex paint should never be coated with alkyd or oil-based paint.  Latex paint is flexible and will make the oil-based topcoat crack and peel. 

There are a few surface finishes that you can use depending on your personal style and taste.  These are semi-gloss, flat, high gloss or eggshell.  Flat paint is great at hiding wall damage.  Glossy paints enlarge space by reflecting light and are easier to clean. 

Make painting easier and faster by tinting the primer paint to the color of topcoat.  This works especially well if you are painting a dark surface a light color, or a light surface a dark color.  Primer covers better, because it contains more resin. 

When painting over ceramic tiles or glossy surfaces, use primer that is made particularly for smooth surfaces.  You can find those in any hardware store. 

Paintbrushes that have natural bristles are best for alkyd paints.  Synthetic bristled brushes can be used for both alkyd and water-based paints. 

Mildewcide is a chemical additive, which prevents the growth of mildew on paint.  Use it when the area where you are painting is damp or high in moisture. 

If you are using painter's tape, remove it before the paint dries.  After the paint dries, there is a risk that the tape will get stuck to the surface.  If this happened, run a wood or plastic craft knife along the tapes edge for easier removal.

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