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Types Of Painting Finishes - Part 2

 Types Of Painting Finishes - Part 2

Sponging is an effect that creates a distressed, granulated texture.  The result will depend on the type of sponge you use, the colors and the method of sponging.  To sponge on means to dab a thin layer of paint over the existing dry paint coat.  To sponge off means to paint over the base coat, and apply clean sponge to the paint to create texture.  Sponging can be done in one color to add texture, or can be made up of two colors to add texture and an additional color.  This method is great for walls or to add some interest to a window or door trim. 

Rubbing effect is used to achieve the aged, antique look.  It is done by rubbing a color over existing base color.  Rubbing creates distressed patches in isolated areas. 

Colorwash is when you apply a watered-down color to an existing base.  You can make any texture you want with colorwash, like stripes or sponging effect.  This is a subtle way to add extra texture and color to a surface. 

Stamping is done by applying any kind of stamps to a surface.  The most common stamps are rubber stamps.  Stamping is easy, faster than stenciling and makes great patterns on a surface.  It is achieved by purchasing a stamp, dipping it in paint and applying the stamp to the surface.  The look is handmade and unique. 


Mural is a painting that is done directly on the wall.  This is the most difficult type of paint finish, because you have to have an artistic talent to accomplish it. 

Spattering creates a speckled effect on the surface.  You can achieve spattering by flicking a small brush with paint onto the wall for small dot pattern, or take a bigger brush to create large dots.   

Distressing paint effect makes an aged, antique look.  It is similar to rubbing, but is achieved by painting over the base coat and removing parts of the top coat to let some of the base coat be exposed.  In the end, the surface looks worn and aged. 


Combing is achieved by putting a layer of paint over the base and combing through the wet top coat.  Many fun textures can be achieved by combing, like stripes, circles, zigzags and more. 

Bagging is a textured paint effect.  It’s created by painting the base coat with fresh paint, and applying a cloth in a plastic bag to the layer of fresh paint to create pattern.  The bag will remove some of the top coat paint, leaving a pattern of two colors - the base and the top coat.

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