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Types Of Painted Faux Finishes For Home Decorating

 Types Of Painted Faux Finishes For Home Decorating

Faux finishes are painting techniques used to imitate different materials.  Read here about such painting finishes as marbling, bambooing, verdigris, tortoise shelling and graining to help you in your home decorating. 

Marbling paint finish imitates real marble.  It’s done by applying paint in streaks that resemble marble.  These streaks are done by doing the dry brush effect, blurring the paint, and putting dabs of paint in various spots.  After the paint is applied, the surface is covered with varnish and polished to give the shiny look of marble. 

Bambooing is a paint finish that resembles bamboo.  Carved wood is painted in a way to imitate the grains and texture of bamboo.  Bambooing is an excellent way to renovate old furniture. 

Verdigris is a paint effect that resembles metallic colors of bronze or copper which have been worn with age.  After these metals age, their color becomes greenish-blue.  Mixing green and blue and applying it to the whole or a part of a surface will resemble tarnished metals.  This method is used on furniture and walls. 


Tortoise shelling is a paint effect that looks like tortoiseshell.  You can create tortoiseshell effect by combining a couple of colors of wet paint and mixing them with a brush to create patches of colors.  This technique is mostly used on furniture and occasionally on walls. 

Graining is a paint effect that imitates wood grain.  To get the grain effect, put a coat of paint on the base of the surface and comb or brush the top coat to create the grains.  You can also do the same with a really thin brush. 

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