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Types of Wallpaper And Adhesives

 Types of Wallpaper And Adhesives

Different Types Of Wall Hangings 

Easy peel wallpaper is the kind that does not require the application of adhesive.  Its easy and mess free.  Just peel off the top layer of the vinyl.  The backing paper will still be attached to the wall. 

Pre-pasted wallpaper is also very easy to use.  It does not require the application of adhesive, just soak the back side of the wallpaper with water and paste it to the wall. 

The best choice for bathrooms and kitchens is the scrubbable wallpaper.  It’s durable against dirt and water.  This paper is also good for children's rooms.  When the wallpaper gets dirty, just scrub it with soap and water. 

Wallpaper borders are a great way to add extra colors and textures to a room.  Decorative borders come in many different widths and sizes.  Combine paint and a border in matching colors for a complete look.  Some wallpaper comes with matching borders for more style.  To change a boring room, outline door frames, mirrors and windows in wallpaper borders.  Borders are easy to change and are a great way to update the house from time to time.  They require much less time than repainting and can be a wonderful addition to any decorating style.   

Different Types of Adhesives 

Cellulose paste is made from combining different cellulose taken from wood or cotton.  This cellulose is combined with starch ethers.  There are two grades that the cellulose paste comes in - heavy duty and standard.  They both contain fungicides. 

Starch paste is made from such natural materials as potato, wheat or corn.  It comes in powder and all you have to do is add water to the pre-pasted side.  This is not the most popular choice of adhesive, because it can leave marks on the wallpaper.  Starch paste has fungicide.  There are three types of this paste on the market: hot water, cold water and dextrine.  Dextrine is the worst type, because it stains wallpaper the most. 

PVA adhesive is a thick, ready-made glue.  This is the strongest wallpaper glue and is used for heavy wallpaper.

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