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Tips For Painting 2

 Tips For Painting 2

Make sure that the temperature is right for painting.  The best temperature for painting is between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  For exteriors, avoid painting a surface under direct sunlight and just after the rain.  The surface should be dry and not hot. 

Before beginning painting, prepare the surface.  If there is old chipped paint, take it off and sand down the surface.  Fill in any holes with plaster and let it dry.  Paint does not fill in holes, so it’s important to prepare the surface before painting.   

Clean or dust the walls before painting.  Surfaces have to be dirt-free and dry.  In the room like the kitchen, there might be left over grease stains on the walls.  Wash them off with soap.  For nicotine stains use stain block on walls, because these stains can bleed through paint.  If you have mould, clean it off with bleach diluted in water.  Mould can be caused by excess moisture.  Find out the cause of it. 

When working with water based paint, use synthetic bristle brushes.  For all other paint and varnish you can use natural or synthetic brushes.  The downfall of natural brushes is that they shed bristles, and synthetic brushes rarely do.  Brushes that are thinner and shorter will hold less paint and are more likely to drip.  Pick longer bristles and your paint job will go much smoother. 

Select quality paint and brushes for your remodeling projects.  It might be worth spending a couple of extra bucks on a good brand of product.  Better quality items tend to have higher performance and you can always return the items if they are unsatisfactory.  If you are unsure about what products to pick, ask professionals at your local home improvement store.  Have them tell you what items to purchase and how to apply them.   

For large areas, like open walls and ceilings, use a roller.  For enamel paint, use polyester rollers, and for water based paint use synthetic rollers.  For smooth surfaces get a short pile roller, for lightly textured surfaces use a medium pile roller, and for heavy textures and plaster use long pile roller.   

Some rollers come with a pole to help reach very high places.  You can also use a step ladder for ceiling painting.  Rollers are great for painting a large area quickly, and brushes are helpful for small areas and edges. 

Have a good paint stirrer handy.  You will need it to mix the paint after opening.  The right stirrer is flat and will have holes so that the paint can move through them.  This kind of paint stirrer will make mixing paint right and easy. 

Remove all fittings that can get in the way of painting, like light switches and door handles.  If you can’t remove some of the fittings, use painter's masking tape around them.  Don't leave paint on fittings, because that shows a careless job.  Being neat is part of great decorating.

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Tips For Painting
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