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Before Applying Decorative or Faux Paint

 Before Applying Decorative or Faux Paint

Why use faux or decorative painting? 

Painting is one of the easiest ways to redecorate.  You can change the look of your house within a day.  It’s much easier and cheaper than wallpapering.   

To hide uneven or damaged walls, faux or decorative painting is the way to go.  It will mask the imperfections within painting pattern.  This kind of painting will hide small cracks, bad patching and previously done bad paint job. 

For a home that lacks texture or pattern, faux and decorative painting can add a much needed style.  The paint job will always come out unique, because everyone's techniques are different.  Your patterns can be large or small, very colorful or more neutral.  You can create your own mood with faux painting and add to such styles as traditional, country or contemporary. 

before-applying paintYou have a wide variety of looks and techniques with faux and decorative painting.  With faux painting, there are such styles as marbling, graining, bambooing, verdigris or tortoise shelling.  In decorative painting you can apply such techniques as stippling, dragging, crackle glaze, antiquing, craquelure, ragging, rubbing, colorwash, stamping, mural, spattering, distressing, combing, or bagging.  There are faux painting kits or decorative painting kits that you can purchase from a home improvement store.  They will have all the necessary tools and instructions to make any style of painting easy. 

What you need to do before faux or decorative painting. 

Before painting the whole wall, take a piece of cardboard and practice the style of painting you chose.  You want to make sure that the colors and technique will look exactly as you planned.  Sometimes the colors look different when combined together.  Also, the style of painting can have too small or too big of a pattern.  If you are new to painting, practice is an excellent way to save yourself from a repaint job.  Once you get the colors and the technique exactly as you imagined it, paint the whole wall. 

Some home improvement stores offer classes on how to paint and apply painting techniques.  You might want to attend one of those classes to improve on the paint job.  They might offer tips and tricks that will make the job easier. 

Home improvement stores also have swatches and examples of faux and decorative painting for you to look at and choose from.  When you are not sure what style of painting you want, take a look at their swatches.  Some of these swatches you can take home to put against your wall in natural light.   

If your walls are nice and even, you can apply any paint technique.  When there are imperfections on the walls, some techniques will not look good.  All the paint finishes that you would find on store swatches were done on smooth surfaces.  You would have to judge whether you can achieve the effect that you like for your home. 

Try to get the colors you want from the store.  Mixing your own colors of paint can be difficult.  You have to make sure you have enough paint to get the job done.  If you run out of the color you mixed yourself, it will be hard to make more of this exact shade of paint.  In this case, go to the paint store, bring in a painted swatch and ask them to make this exact color for you.  In most cases, the mixing machines in the paint stores will be able to reproduce your exact color. 

Start your painting with a less visible wall.  This way you can practice your technique without having imperfections right where you can see them.

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